Measure & Benchmark

We use a series of assessment tools that quickly and economically assess management performance and organizational culture. We also use our tools to use as annual benchmarking assessments for continuous improvement feedback. Our approach syncs with ISO 9000/2000 management benchmarking requirements. Our Management survey and retreat process identifies over 270 key strategic, industry, and operational issues the company is facing, and recommends activities to improve performance using a confidential survey and interactive assessment tools. This process takes a few days, usually over 6-9 weeks, in order to collect confidential data and to develop a comprehensive report. We use our own Strategic Snapshot financial model, and Faust Management's Life Cycle Insight™ and Executive Insight™ assessment tools.

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Do you want to measure your culture? This 19 question quiz is an illustrative approach to measuring your ownership culture by applying Ichak Adizes's Corporate Lifecycle model. While this tool is great for a one person view, how much better would it be if your whole organization had the survey? If you want to learn more about the Life Cycle Model, click here